Confronting the other woman…

I have received a lot of interesting reactions to some of my articles and I will be sharing some of these stories with you as time goes on, but two of those stories got me thinking and I think every woman (especially those with the tendency to CONFRONT THE OTHER WOMAN) should read those and call themselves to a meeting!
A woman was reportedly shot dead in Port-Harcourt some months back…a mother of four. It happened one early morning as she was on her way to work. Eye witnesses claimed that those men (her assailants) seemed to have trailed her from home, accosted her midway, made a show of asking her for money and just as she was about reaching for the contents of her handbag, they shot her.
Some others believe the real gist can be traced back to an ugly confrontation that she had with a supposed mistress of her husband. This version of the gist had it that she stormed the lady’s place of work one day, embarrassed the lady in the full glare of her colleagues…in addition to getting physical with the lady.

Different sides to a story you might say, but one fact is clear…THE WOMAN IS DEAD and those that shot her dead did not take a dime from her!
The second gist was sent to me by the victim herself, she said that she had the urge to have a ‘woman to woman’ talk with a lady, whose presence in her husband’s life has been causing untold damages in her marriage…unknown to her that she was walking into a trap…because the said lady came with her friends, who look like thugs. As soon as she walked towards them, they pounced on her, tearing her clothes to shreds and the worst part of it was that she did not know whom she was fighting with…all three of them were hitting her at the same time. It was the intervention of her driver that saved her on that day. One of them even boasted that she meant to deface her with a razor blade and post the pictures on various social media sites as a ‘phone thief’.
She confessed that she is yet to get over all that humiliation. All that risk over what?
I reminded her that she might not even be able to forgive herself easily if those ladies had inflicted more serious injury on her…especially the threat of defacing her with a razor blade and probably tagging her ‘a phone thief’. Even those that supposedly know her so well may not be willing to believe her own version of the story.
Ladies, please let me say this again…YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS WITH THE ‘OTHER WOMAN’ whatsoever.
The only person you have any right to face is your husband-not the ‘other woman’, especially when you did not catch her in your house. The days are evil…there are so many weird elements (in human form) out there.
Don’t go and confront the one that will not bat an eye before taking you out of the way or even inflicting a grievous bodily harm on you. No man is worth your carrying such SCARS FOR LIFE for. If you mean anything to him in the first place-he would not have disrespected you to the extent of being careless with his ‘activity’.
This should also serve as a warning to the men with perpetual SWINGING PENDULUM…some of those ‘fine face and sexy body’ are something else in human form- devoid of decorum and conscience. Do not expose your family to unnecessary sad experience. We have heard of desperate girlfriends/mistresses that way-lay wives of their lovers-just because the man called off the relationship.
I recommend the movie Fatal Attraction to every couple…pray not to see the dark side of an EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIR GONE WRONG.
If a spouse (through his actions) decides that you are not good enough for him, that should not make you embark on a suicide mission.
If he does not desire you anymore-YOUR CHILDREN STILL LOVE AND NEED YOU.
Is it not better to end things peacefully than to let things degenerate to a BODY BAG scenario?
Some people would keep claiming DIVORCE IS A SIN, while either dying slowly in a miserable marriage or going suicidal with their actions.
Coupled with our very judgmental society.
I know that it’s not everybody that can develop the thick-skin to withstand all that ‘condemning’ when a marriage packs up but one should also bear in mind that IT IS YOUR LIFE and therefore…IT IS YOUR HAPPINESS/SANITY that should count more at the end of the day. Frankly, it is a very brief life.
If the people you turn to, for UNDERSTANDING are the ones judging/condemning you…begin to look within (and above) for strength!

Source: Gurdian Woman

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