‘He for She’: In support of Gender Equality

Paul Kagame is the 60 year old 4th President of the Republic of Rwanda.
While attending the 12th European Development Days in Brussels Belgium during the week Paul Kagame delivered a powerful address on gender equality which reads……………

‘For too long society has created a psychology that women are inferior and can only rise at the mercy of men.
That is a norm that can no longer be tolerated not only with regard to unwanted advances; but we must really believe in it; all of us. And the most important work is at the level of mindsets that starts to see the extra hurdles that women must clear everyday whether in terms of unfair expectations, unpaid work and violations of personal dignity.
‘He for She’, is ‘We’. These should not be mere hashtags but expressions of our determination to make change really happen.
Rights and outcomes are only equal when treatment is equal. It is up to leaders at every level to ensure that there is accountability for changing harmful societal norms. The task cannot just be left to individuals to sort out amongst themselves’.
Paul Kagame is steadily rising his profile and that of his country Rwanda in ranking as the most outstanding and favorite African President.
From, we say Thank you Paul Kagame for identifying with our cause and our struggles.

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