Book on Etiquette debuts: Namse P Udosen


Etiquette; is one of the values that seem to be eroding rapidly form our society in recent times.
Lack of etiquette and absence of it in our social lives can rightly be said to be one of the numerous reason behind the escalating tide of ethnic and religious crisis in our societies today.
Gone were the days when courtesy, respect to one another and cordiality were topmost in our relationships with one another. Regardless of the mass opportunities to education and literacy, socialization and development in many aspects, etiquette has been on decline for a very long time.
Recognizing this simple but basic truth; Namse; a Teacher and Educator for almost a decade put together ‘Fundamental Etiquette for Young Nigerians, A guide to good manners and responsible citizenship’ a book that teaches etiquettes and the importance of practicing it to our young ones’.
The fifty page book forwarded by Maryam Aliko Mohammed of Kaduna International School is quite comprehensive and self-explanatory; while at the same time brief, short and comprehensive as it covers etiquette and good manners in its entirety.

The book discussed the basic meaning of etiquette and the lack of it and categorized it into:
1. Eating/Table etiquette
2. Conversation etiquette
3. Social Etiquette
4. School Etiquette
5. Mannerism for both sexes
In the book, the reader will get to know the salient details that can be regarded as lack of etiquette ranging from table and eating manners to whether or not to chew gum in public loudly, shunting queues, to interrupting a conversation and voice tones of voice during interactions.
In the book, etiquettes on how to serve food and drinks, how to eat at home and outside on dates or social gatherings, honesty, self-discipline to even patriotism, conversation etiquette (tone and voice control), eye contact, anger management and control, respect for other peoples right to privacy and self-expression were all discussed in a simple to understand language.

Namse Udenson’s book laid emphasis on respect for others, their cultures, beliefs and religions citing the popular phrase ‘do unto others as you would want them to do unto you’ mantra.
He said ‘I wrote the book as product of my interactions with children and I noticed how many students found it difficult to be orderly and respect others around them.
I also discovered that to be a problem in entire the society. After Church, everyone would be rushing out of doors, people would be blaring music from their phones in public transport without considering other passengers, blatant use of foul language amongst others etc.
I then started taking notes and finding out the right thing to do. I realized that children were the best targets to reverse the trend; in the spirit of catching them young’.
And that was how the book came about’.
Fundamental Etiquette for young Nigerians by Namse P. Udenson x-rayed and analyzed these salient misnomers in the society and addressed them in details.
The book is a must have book for every school and house hold.

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