Destiny Helper not House Maid

I am shaking a cultural table this morning and it has to do with certain criteria we have been taught to look out for in a woman.
For instance, one of the criteria of a good wife should be that she can cook and clean but looking at the world we live in today that’s no longer applicable.
My wife is the General Manager for Sapphire Scents and she’s brilliant at what she does. All I usually do is hand her the keys of a new project then I just check on what they do and things run better than I could have done it. She is helping my destiny in a way nobody can.
Imagine if all the attributes I saw in her was cooking and cleaning?! I have heard many men say ” I can’t eat unless it’s my wife that cooks it” that is total, arrant nonsense!
If she can do it all good and well but its not a do or die affair, get a cook and a maid for your wife so she can eat when you eat. The truth is that not all women enjoying cooking but they just try their best because culture has said ” a good woman must know how to cook”

Many men could have been wealthier today but they made their wife who would have been the chief strategist or accountant of their business a cook and a house help!
When God said He would give you a helper, He didn’t mean a cook or a house help, He meant a destiny helper!
Please don’t get me wrong if your wife loves to cook and clean that’s great but don’t make it the criteria for judging and deciding who she is. There are things that some people can do better. Find out the area of your life that woman has been assigned to help you and place her in that role!

I know many men are on this table;  but as I shake it may you vibrate with common sense.

Wale Aladejana

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