Oh Mother!

Our mothers, just like their mothers’ mothers lovingly place in our hands an invaluable gem as we embark on our journey into matrimony. They place in our hands their gem of patience. They tell us that this gem has the power to boil a boulder until it is cooked tender, that it has healing powers for anything and everything, that its shine lightens shadows and lifts sad days.

Our mothers tell us to guard this gem with everything we have and never lose sight of it, to never lose it, to always live of it. They tell us to guard it with our lives, sometimes give up our lives to guard it. We listen to our mothers and our mothers’ mothers’ mothers, we hold on to their precious gem no matter what happens, swear to keep the trust of the tribe, determined to pass on the gem to our daughters too.

But mother, what about the men? Do you not love them too? Will the men too not be given from powers of the Patience gem? Can they not be trusted to guard the gem with their lives and never lose it?

O mother, what about the other gems? Our dearest mothers, what about the gems of justice, of kindness, of respect, of love? What about the gem of a growth, of goodness, of Godliness?

Will you not gift us these gems and many more; your daughters and sons, so that on this journey of matrimony we can give each other powers from each other’s powers.

Our mothers, will you not give us both, so we can make these gems into family heirlooms to give our children, so they too can give their children when they become husbands and wives and then fathers and mothers, so that they can give their children’s children, children, so that they can build a better world with these precious gems of goodness from their marriage, with their home.

Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara

Is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Writer  and Social Enterprenuer.

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