Tuesday Quote

‘Falling out of love is like loosing weight.

Its a lot easire putting it on,

Than taking it off’.

Aretha Franklin

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Women, tool for tackling climate change

Mrs. Grace Udounwa-Ogolo, the Chairperson, Women in Cleantech and Eco-innovation Initiative, an NGO, says women remain a formidable tool in combating climate change. Udounwa-Ogolo said...

Wednesday Quote

All history attests that man has subjected woman to his will, Used her as a means to promote his selfish gratification, to minister to his...

Senator Wuraola Esan (1909-1985)

Wuraola Adepeju Esan was born in 1909 in Calabar to the famous Ojo’badan family. Her father Chief Thomas Adeogun Ojo was a veteran of...

Thursday Quote

'I choose to see the greatness in you; And I choose to allow you see the greatness in me'. Lisa Nichols

Monday Quote: Oprah Winfrey

History is still being written, You're writing it everyday. The wheels still spin and what you do and what you don't do will be apart...