Sunday Quote: Shirin Ebadi

‘Women are the victims of this patriarchal culture,

But they are also its carriers.

Let us keep in mind that every oppressive man was raised in the confines of his mother’s home’.


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Thursday Quotes

I would like to see a lot of people more involved in practical solutions to practical problems. Women have got to the point where we...

Audrey Lorde (18th Feb 1934- 17th Nov. 1992)

Born in New York to immigrant parents from the Caribbean, Audrey was the youngest of 3 sisters. She grew up listening to her mother...

Wednesday Quote: Rosa Parks

'You must never be fearful about what you are dong when it is right'. Rosa Parks

Friday Quote

I long for the day my sisters will rise, And occupy the sphere to which they are called by their high nature and destiny'. Lucretia Mott

Wednesday Quote

  Getting angry doesn't solve anything'. Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco