Brief Description of the Sheroes Rising Project

Who we are. What we do & why

Women have consistently contributed to nation and community building in different ways yet their works largely remains unnoticed and underreported. Women issues are also the most under-represented in mainstream media thus getting the least attention. And because women stories are untold, most women and girls do not have relatable role models to emulate much less aspire to fulfil their dreams.

Sheroes Rising is an omnibus multimedia platform designed to research, curate and contextually chronicle women’s multi-dimensional stories and narratives to drive active women’s participation, advocacy and engagement to address this historic neglect.

We seek to drive change, inclusion and active women’s agency in society, through our publication, national agenda for women in the 10th Assemblies across both the federal and state legislature  and the impact assessment of bills to address, and reverse this decline Our focus on women’s inclusion in leadership & politics is because we understand the factors that hinder it.





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