SHE, is a SHEroe

Right from time, women have always been the fabric that holds the society together; starting with the family unit.
And yet, they are always at the receiving end!!
Their immense contribution to the family and by extension society is massive.
They shoulder the burden of building the home, yet they get abused;
They take the burden of reproduction; still, yet they get abused;
They take entrepreneurship steps and initiatives and get no recognition;
They take the responsibility of building the society; they do not get any appreciation;
They stand against all odds and take upon the herculean task of leadership; they get harassed;
In every aspect of human life; the influence of the women folk is indelible.

A woman is a bundle of abundant strength and courage.
Resourcefulness, endurance, kindness, compassion, and preserving are in her nature.
And that’s the reason why against all odds; she thrives; is thriving; she rise; is rising and will continue to rise.

And in the process; build enduring legacies that will carve out her footprints in the sands of time; for She; is a SHEROE.
It is against this backdrop that we will immortalize, appreciate, celebrate, pay tribute and honor all the women who inspire us; with the aim of inspiring and motivating the younger generation especially the Girl child; to aim for their dreams, overcome mediocrity, have an ambition and the courage live it. (landing) is designed to not only honor the women who inspire us; but to also provide for our Daughters a platform on which they will draw strength and inspiration.

It is my hope that our daughters grow up empowered and never define themselves by their gender but by the qualities that make them intelligent, strong, courageous, caring, compassionate successful and responsible women.
And to strive towards improving their societies and the world for humanity
We want to be able to tell our own stories and that of the women who inspire us.
We want to take charge of our history; we want to own it, we want to write it so that we may inspire the younger generation.

We seek to give women a voice; be their voice and give them hope.
The world is at a tipping point. What we do now will decide our fate, and the fate of future generations.

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