The strenght of a woman: A Eulogy

Women are strong. They are strong in itself. Men cannot endure half of what women do, with a smile on their face and a gait and grace in their stride. You see, women tolerate a whole lot of stuff more than we do. Most of the things men throw at women are things they can’t stand themselves. Most of the things women endure and put up with are things men will never put up with. Yet, most times,  she is the one who gives up on her dreams so that her husband can live his.

Consistently bleeding for 4 or 6 days, days switching in-between moods and still manage to stay sane is something that is incomprehensible much less pregnancy and childbirth. When a man is infertile, he advised to adopt a child. But when a  woman is barren or has difficulty bearing a child, the man is encouraged and sometimes even blackmailed by his family to marry another woman or get another girl pregnant. Yet, it is the woman who does not mind going hungry just so her children could eat.

The woman does not have a life of her own, but rather live for her children, who always run to her when they are in distress. She has no time to take care of herself, her body and hair smell of junior’s pee because she is busy between taking care of him, his siblings, their father and doing the house chores leaving her with no time to think or breath. The children always want to be close to her because most dads prefer to be close to the TV, their friends or their laptops.

The woman may be the weaker sex as we always want her to believe, but she is the vessel of unquantifiable strength with a mind that is stronger than Samson’s.

So when you hit a woman, your wife, you are simply hitting a God’s blessing in your life who sacrificed her happiness so you can be the man you have always wanted to be.

Uzee Usman

Uzee Usman

Is a Nigerian Actor and Film Maker


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