Sheroes Rising Webinar Series II

Parental Alienation is a phenomenon that is prevalent in our societies yet invisible and unknown even by those who are guilty of it.

It is one of the most toxic and dangerous forms of domestic/child abuse that is hiding in plain sight and has continued to go undetected.

Parental Alienation has been the subject of academic research since the 70s, yet it remains unknown to the larger society. Hence, more cases arise by the second as more and more adults chose to walk down the path of mental and emotional abuse.

It is to this fact that the World Health Organisation (WHO) dedicated the 25th of April as World Parental Alienation Day, and this is what the second edition of the sheroes Rising Seminar Series will be focused on.

Join us on Friday 7th May 2021 at 12.00noon to learn about the most harmful form of domestic and child abuse, equip yourself with knowledge on it, and about it to enable you to contribute your quarter in stopping the abuse.

We would be having on the panel:

  1. Saudatu Mahdi: Secretary-General Women Rights Advancement Protection Agency (WRAPA). Saudatu Mahdi has worked with conflicting women’s rights cases for the past 20 years. She is going to share with us her experience of working with cases of parental alienation in Nigeria, child custody after divorce, and all its attendant intrigues.
  2. Aisha Adamu is an educational entrepreneur and survivor of parental alienation. She is the author of a soon-to-be-published book ‘memories from my childhood in which she documented in detail her experience of alienation. She will be sharing with us about her childhood, the trauma she has lived with and the motivation to write her book.
  3. Munira Abdulsalam is a social media celebrity, vlogger, and sex therapist. She too is another victim of parental alienation. She will also be sharing her alienation story and the trauma that resulted from it.
  4. Jan James is a British anti-Parental Alienation campaigner who has been campaigning against parental alienation in the UK in the past 4 years. Jan is going to talk about the scope and nature of parental alienation in the UK, who it affects the most and how damaging it is to the social and emotional wellbeing of the society, and how parental alienation is not gender-specific and anyone can be a victim.

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