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Call for Applications: 10000 Voices

1000 voices is a coalition of more than 1,700 women’s rights advocates in 128 countries that work to provide backup to frontline women rights activists and to secure a treaty on violence against women.

1000 Voices is a fellowship program that is organized and coordinated by the Every Woman Treaty; which is a global campaign for an international treaty to end all forms of violence against women and girls.

Every Woman Treaty is actively receiving applications for the 2022 1000 Voices Fellowship Program.

The 1000 Voices Fellowship Program is a cross-regional, peer-to-peer, cohort-based, advanced online training opportunity where participants are trained to hone their advocacy skills, and storytelling capabilities, how to secure media opportunities, and how to optimally interface with policymakers, diplomats, and high-level government officials.

To apply, review the eligibility criteria here https://bit.ly/3GltIaQ and submit your application here https://bit.ly/35yCSUI.




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