She is a source of mercy.
She is compassion
She is kindness
She is patient
She is preserving
She is enduring
She is accommodating
She is believing
She is love

She is a precious gift from God; and these are some things that all men need to know and understand.
She is by far the deeper and most powerful of the two sexes because she was created a magnificent example of affection with respect to her inner faculties. Affection and compassion are a part of her temperament by the nature of her creation.

A woman when not spoilt by mistaken interference always thinks of affection, speaks with compassion, sits and stands in kindness, watches those around her with love and offers dose after dose of selflessness and sacrifice to everyone and at the same time share in their pain deep within her due to her refinement and sincerity.

She is beautiful and therefore craves to see beautiful things and be surrounded by beauty even though she does not always find what she expects. Woman is as deep as the heavens and is a blend of feelings and affections filling her heart like the numerous stars on the skies.

In my world of thought and atlas of values; the WOMAN is the most significant and colorful phenomenon of creation, the most beautiful of the beautiful, the most fruitful and magical component of humanity. She is a faultless projection of the beauties of Paradise in homes, and the most reliable blessing for humanity’s existence and continuity.

As long as the woman is conscious of her inner depth and remains within the limits of her nature, she becomes a bright mirror reflecting the beauties of the essence of creation that those who look at her from a decent perspective and perceive her correctly free themselves from the darkness of physicality at once.


Salma Usman

Writes from Baze University


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  • Posted: July 1, 2018 22:48

    Isah M. k

    Nice one Umm salma. May God bless all the women around th global and I'm lucky to be a product of this extra-ordinary creation of God. May you live long mum