Long past its time: Ocholi O. Ibilola

As long as it exists, child marriage will stand the way of gender equality.
Its driven by socio-cultural beliefs that accord girls little value, we need  extensive legal and social  change to make it happen; and it can be done even though it may seem impossible.
Poverty, fears about  safety of the girl child or lack of other existing options are reasons why the girl child is being abused and violated.  And these fears exist simply  because they are girls.
Due to the way they are being brought up, the female gender are becomes vulnerable  to all forms of violence and abuse.
And the culture of silence makes  it hard for them to speak out.
They don’t know who to talk to, who will listen to them, who will understand them or who will stand with them.
Thus; the Girl child, the woman ends up living in her own wold of pain and hurt inflicted by the very society that should love and protect her.
Well, it is time for us to together to liberate women and girls from the cultural and traditional dungeones they have been incaretetd in.
Because  it is only together that  we can bring great change and save the furture  generation.
Early marriage is long past its time; we should let it go and step unto bigger and better things, for our sakes, and thats of the future yet unborn.
Is a Nigerian writer and  freelance Journalist

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  1. Liberation is key… there’s an urgent need for a paradigmn shift in perspective. I hope our society realises our delicate the girl child is. No one should be disrespected.

    Interesting write-up, Ibilola.

    Keep it up.

  2. This is enlightening, the fragments of the woman mechanism didn’t just begin to rupture in the contemporary society as our ancestors explored without having a thought about the generational differences of their offspring leading them into wrong marriages and a life of regret etc. Ancient belief disregards the importance of female children depriving them of Education, Travel, and consider them as a gift for slavery in the traditional world.
    Ocholi Ibilola, you are a reformer whom God has sent to restructure the ridges and fight against violence. Once again, I render my 5 star feedback to this article.?

  3. This write-up is such a timely one, especially in our society now where different allegations and scandals are coming up all based on molestation of the girl child. I really admire this effort on your path, we need more of such and also make sure we show genuine love yo any girl child around us, make them see us as that help that person they can tell all their issues and that can understand them and proffer a good solution to their issues. God bless you, keep up the good work.

  4. The girl child has since been deprived of many things because they were considered as tools for slavery and multiplication of the human race. Truth be told, early marriage has done more harm than good to our girls and the more it happens the more demoralized the girls are as they grow up. Let us fight this and stop it now!!! Lovely write-up Ibilola. God bless u…

  5. This is an eye opening write-up. I recommend this to go on newspapers across Nigeria and beyond to regain The girl child liberty!

    Sister Ibilola, you’ve done really awesome bringing these words together. God bless you massively

  6. Comment This right up deserves some accolades. If we, all women think alike, then fighting for the right of a girl child wouldnt be impossible, but some of us,even the abused are so scared to even come out to share when been abused, or own up to their right. Who knows who the next Victim might be? The time is here and it’s now, Women Liberation, it is long overdue, and we can do it as a people or Women. Bless up.

  7. Good Job Ibilola, Great Article.
    With Child marriage driven by poverty and has many effects on girls’ health, also increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, malaria, death during childbirth,.Girls’ offspring are at increased risk for premature birth. So I say Good job on this Article!


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