Our Goals & and expected long-term result

Our goal and long term results is to increase awareness amongst Nigerian women for the need to get involved in the political process, and the motivation to do it.

As a multimedia journalist, social entrepreneur, politician and equality advocate, I am convinced of the need for a new proactive approach that aims to address women’s political leadership inclusion, agency and rights mindful of the stories and legacies of similar efforts, This project is designed to look at old problems with new eyes.

We have advocated, written, documented and told women stories impacting over multiple platforms reaching hundreds of thousands of women and girls across the world.

Now, there is an urgent need to spread this impact wider considering that we have a political crisis of the lack of Nigerian women inclusion in leadership and politics. We need to amplify these matters to create the needed impact to change the narrative.

In the next two years, we would have achieved:

  • A deeper understanding of the barriers to Nigerian women political participation.
  •  A potent advocacy platform of the Women in the NA to build a strong women’s Advocacy Caucus (a women legislative caucus of all 17 female legislators currently in the 10th Assembly)
  • Work with LWAC to encourage Nigerian women to engage on issues going on in the NA.
  • Create a Gender Impact Assessment Matrix on how bills passed impact on the inclusion, rights and lives of Nigerian women and children.
  • Analyse why the Gender bills got rejected by the 9th assembly: the reason for the dislike/resentment/apathy to the bills by the legislators and how women’s political participation can be increased.

We shall fully interrogate the Who, the What, the Why, the When, and the How-of-how to build a strong and sustainable plan to ensure tangible and measurable results during the four-year tenure of the 10th assembly and  set us up for the coming national elections in 2027.