Women in renewable Energy

Energy; is one vital developemental facility that has otherwise remained elusive in Nigeria; despite all the monies that have been budgeted for it in the past and present Goverments.
Habiba Ali MD/CEO Sosai Renewable Energies Ltd
Nigerian women have stepped up, and taken up the mantle to provide reprieve and alternative solutions to  the energy and electricity needs of Nigerians. Nigeria has the largest deficit of electricity with  approximately 80million people who do not have access to grid electricity in Nigeria, the Nigerian woman has been able to enable the environment being provided by a woman (Managing director of Rural electrification agency) Mrs Damilola Ogunbiyi.
Mrs. Heather Onoh MD Smarter Grid International
Thier efforts and contributions have created  great impacts to both the masses, sector and ecomony and have led to  a whole new awareness of women led interventions and initiatives in the energy sector, thereby stimulating the hosting of more women focused energy in Nigeria. This enables more gender focus for sustainable empowerment and other various methods through which energy initiatives could impact on the socio- economic development of women in every aspect of thier  lives and the economy. The  power sector is growing, and  women  are taking their place in it.
Mrs. Damilola Ogunbiyi MD Rural ELectrification Agency
These Nigerian women and many others  have found thier place on the energy sector and have  made great changes  impacting greatly in women empowerment both within and outside the country.
Hannah Kabir CEO Creeds Energy


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