Tuesday Quote: Jaenette Rankin

There can be no compromise with war;

It cannot be reformed or controlled;

Cannot be disciplined into decency or codified into common sense;

For war is the slaughter of human beings,

Temporarily regarded as enemies, on as large a scale as possible.

Jaenette Rankin


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Monday Quote

Don't worry about being successful;. Work towards being significant. And the success will naturally follow   Oprah Winfrey

Friday Quote

"Don't ever underestimate the capacity of a human being who is determined to do something." Edna Adnan Ismail

Wednesday Quote: Michelle Bachelete

“Gender equality will only be reached if we are able to empower women.” – Michelle Bachelet

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Friday Quote

'Man is not by nature a tyrant, but becomes a tyrant by power conferred on him'. Lucretia Mott