Saturday Quote: Anne Hathaway

‘I live my life with love.

I live my life with compassion.

I live my life hoping the best for absolutely everyone, no matter how they feel about me.

And when you live that way, it’s amazing how beautiful every day can be’.


Anne Hathaway



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Wednesday Quote

  Getting angry doesn't solve anything'. Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco

Saturday Quote

'There never will be complete equality; Until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers'.   Susan B Anthony

Monday Quote

'The reason I have been able to be financially successful; Is my focus has never ever for one minute be money'. Oprah Winfrey

Sunday Quote: Shirley Chisolm

'Tremendous talent are lost to our  society; Because that talent wears a skirt'. Shirley Chisolm

Dr. Denis Mukwege- Peace Nobel Laureate

Yes. Even men can be sheroes. Even though they are heroes, but as without a she there would not be a He; We shall call...