Hyjiah Mariam Conde

Yes, she is only 12, practically still a pre-teen. But she is mentally a matured adult full of dreams to bring to  reality, ambitions to pursue and goals to reach. This 12 year old is not talking baribie dollls and birthday parties, she sings a different song. She is Creative Designer, Motivational Speaker,  Philanthroppist and CEO.

Hyjiah Mariam Conde of Philadephia in Pennysylvania   USA is already a social enterprenuer building a  Nonprofit Business Empire For Young  Girls after being Bullied for Her Ethnic Background,  Skin Color and  Unique Body shape.
Her Non-Profit SuperGalzland  started in 2013 in Pennyslvania USA, and Went International in South Africa in 2015, Conakry Guinea West Africa  in 2017, and has since had major successes and break throughs in achieving its set mission.

According to Hyjiah, being bullied led her  to having major low self esteem;  but  she turned  it around to her advantage because  she never wanted a girl to feel alone like She did.

SuperGirlzland provides platforms where girls can not easily  express themselves and never feel alone,   build a sisterhood and create impact.

Currently in three countries with over thirty youth ambassadors,  Hyjiah wants SuperGalzland to reach young Girls like her in every country around the world.





  1. This is amazing, beautiful if only our country would encourage us on this there would be absolute beutifull view of the future.


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