Friday Quote: Betty Friedan

Men are not the enemy;

But the fellow victims.

The real enemy is women’s denigration of themselves’.

Betty Friedan



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Abisola Tolu-Odutola

Abisola Tolu-Odutola Abisola is the founder and CEO of Mumspring - the multichannel retailer and manufacturer of baby and maternity essentials. What problem does your company...

Friday Quote: Amal Clooney

The first piece of advice I would have from my experience is that governments need to be vocal about human rights. Amal Clooney

Wednesday Quote: Gloria E Anzaldua

“Though we tremble before uncertain futures may we meet illness, death and adversity with strength may we dance in the face of our fears. Gloria E Anzaldua.

Saturday Quote

'You can chose courage: Or you can choose comfort, You cannot have both'.   Brene Brown

Monday Quote: Ellen Degeneres

Be open to learning new lessons, Even if they contradict the lessons you learned yesterday'. Ellen Degenres