Women, tool for tackling climate change

Mrs. Grace Udounwa-Ogolo, the Chairperson, Women in Cleantech and Eco-innovation Initiative, an NGO, says women remain a formidable tool in combating climate change.

Udounwa-Ogolo said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

According to her, women are the major users of energy and are also vulnerable to the negative changes in the climate as well.

She stated that in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9 by 2030, women needed to be sensitised on the implications of climate change.

“Women are very important resources and we need to build their capacity to take charge of some of the challenges of climate change.

“Most parts of the world are talking about land degradation, pollution, water pollution and climate change which is a very serious issue.

“We want to have more women in helping to preserve the environment because when our environment is clean to live in, children will not die from preventable causes.

“We want to broaden their skills, we want to build their capacity, we want to make sure they make a living from these technologies,” she said.

According to her, women are highly vulnerable to climate change and can also help as secret weapons to preserve the environment.
The chairperson stated that climate change could be humanly induced which she referred to as “anthropogenic activities.’’

She, however, urged the government to put machinery in place to ensure proper monitoring and preservation of the environment, adding that activities like forest degradation destroy it.

Udounwa-Ogolo stated that combating climate change was not the sole responsibility of individuals and organisations but one requiring collaboration with government.

She stated that stakeholders needed to build a formidable force in creating awareness on the dangers of climate distortion and change.

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