Young woman's guide: questions and answers

Hello ma’am, I trust you are doing good. Thanks for being a leading woman and an inspiration to many. I would like to reach out to young women especially in my immediate environment, Jos, Plateau State, but I don’t just know how to. It breaks my heart seeing little girls being used indiscriminately (lack of an adjective to use) here in Jos. Though people I’ve spoken to claim it is the same thing everywhere, but I don’t think so. I wish you could help, tell me something(s). Thank you.
Rose, Jos
You can start a small outreach and fellowship program for girls in your neighbourhood. Create a small meeting place where they can meet and you start to uplift them and talk about things that will empower them. Start small and your ideas and vision will grow.
Good evening madam, I read your interview in The Guardian newspaper. I really need help concerning my English speaking and about my inferiority complex. I am married with two kids. I don’t work because my husband felt I needed to stay at home to take care of the kids. So, I depend so much on him for livelihood. I told him about my passion for sewing, he said he would enrol me and he hasn’t. I always feel weak inside and it’s as if my passion for fashion is fading away. I don’t even know how to express my in capability. I need someone like you keep me going as a mentor to reach my goal in life. I want to work on myself to be confident and outspoken. Please, how can you help me? I want to start from fluency in English speaking aspect. I really need you to give my life a meaningful meaning. I’ll be glad if you can help me with my incompetence. Thank you.
Folakemi, Lagos

Thank you for your message. Sometimes we have to find ways to start things ourselves. I know things may be a bit tough since your husband is the main source of financial support. There are two issues that you presented, one of learning to speak English and the other of sewing. Both areas are important because one will allow you to communicate better and the other can be a source of financial stability for yourself, as well as doing something you love. If you have the internet that would be a great start by watching online tutorials on how to speak English and if internet access is not feasible then try and link with a teacher in your area who would be willing to help you. With regards to sewing, try and encourage your husband to invest in your dream and to help you financially to buy a sewing machine to start this new venture that will help the household collectively. If that area is not feasible as well then would it be possible for family member to help you for the time being to raise funds and once you are back on your feet you can start a pay them back slowly? For every obstacle, there is a solution and I hope that some of the solutions provided may give way to a positive outcome. Stay hopeful.
Source: Gurdian Woman


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