Lafiya Style Expo

She Leads Africa, hosted what it called ‘the lifestyle lafiya expo’  a fortnight ago in the city of Abuja.
She Leads Africa, is an online community for emerging women leaders from the African continent where they get mentorship, advice, inspiration, information, resources, networks, skills and access to opportunities they need to take over the world.
She Leads Africa was started by two young African women who believe in the abilities of women of African descent in 2014.
The lafiya style expo that took place at the Siruis Palmetum on the 30th of June 2018 is the first meet up She Leads is holding in Abuja.

The program was organised with the objective of mentoring women to be focused on health and wellness in the context of building their career and businesses.
The program had wellness and business/career sessions which talked about mental health, doing the most and the art of balance, finding happiness and balance when life gives you lemons and other networking and wellness circle opportunities.


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