Pains of being Girl/Woman

We are in the twentieth century, but there are still many societies and people who feel saddened at the birth of a girl child; yet the woman plays the pivotal role of a mother, daughter, sister and wife.
Have you ever thought of what would happen if she gets a chance to contribute her own quota towards the development of her society and country; she would definitely prove herself well and set a beautiful example for others to follow.
Any society that wants to develop must educate the Girl Child and empower its women. Else it will just continue to go around and around in circles of poverty and hunger without end. If you educate your daughter and let her fly beyond the clouds and achieve her dreams, she would definitely make you proud one day.

It is often said ‘nobody has it all in their life. But then ‘what about those who get nothing from the time they are born till the time they die? African women; and women in some parts of Asia suffer this shortchange even though they plays vital roles in various capacities in everyday life.

Some people actually feel women are just pretending and claiming of not getting a fair deal to acquire sympathy. But the truth is; just having food, shelter and clothing is not enough to guarantee a good life.
Today, mental peace of mind and emotional security is the most important essential ingredient to a life of worth. And this is only guaranteed when people are allowed to make their own choices and have their voices heard and no one interferes in anyone’s personal matters unless and until they seek for counsel.
Everyone; either male or female should live happily and let others live in their own way; that is the basic mantra to live and let live.
We talk about women empowerment, yet; our society does not allow women to lead their life according to their wish?
Is the Girl child really a burden for her family and society? I think not because many girls are now educated enough and thrive better than opposite even though in this modern and broad-minded era, girls have to compromise and sacrifice much more to achieve the same level of success men do.
The 8th March is celebrated world over as ‘International Women’s Day’ to give honor and respect to women all over the world. But are women really getting that honor and respect they well deserve? And are their rights given to them?
According to the orthodox belief and mindset of some societies (ours inclusive), a daughter cannot perform funeral rites of her parents, as their soul will rest is peace after death only if and when a son does so. This; and many other factors contribute to the preference of having Boys over Girls. Hence, the reason why in some societies the ratio of girls is far less as compared to boys.
Some societies give more preference to educating Girls than boys because it is believed that as she will in future have to raise a family and do household chores, no one will marry her if she is educated.
The entire life story of the Girl child is not such a happy one from her birth to the day she dies for even though we keep saying the world has changed, little or nothing has changed for the Girl child in our societies.
Marriage has been made compulsory to women; therefore, those who are not interested in marriage do not get support from anyone even if they have valid reasons. The society believes a woman who has neither a husband nor children have no worth and no value.
Lots of men chose to not get married and no one raises any eyebrow. But if it is a woman she will be forced to even against her won will and when she is not ready.

Salmah Usman writes from Baze University



  1. wow!!!!. that nice . she is really great and talented and i really love her writing, this is a message to very woman out there.


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