#Rant1373: Fix yourself Woman- Joy Isi-Bewaji

 I’ve heard of things they do to juniors in same-sex schools. Let’s take all-girls’ School, for instance.

So you are running away from Patriarchy, you want your daughters to experience a world where only women exist, and the hakuna-matata that it’ll bring. Call it Venus – the world of women, where evil (men) does not exist so you enrol your daughter at an all-girls’ boarding school;  Ok.

Now let me tell you real stories of women who went to same sex schools. The seniors – female seniors – turn these girls to animals. They damage their bodies, destroy their morale – sexually, physically, emotionally abusing them day and night. . .

True stories: Juniors are slapped out of bed in the morning, kicked into the courtyard, made to crawl on stones, made to pull grass out of soil with bare hands, made to go through feaces in search of “common sense” with a fork. Juniors are flogged on the sole of their feet, they are denied food; their provisions away  taken from them.

Sexual predators disguised as school mothers they twist cloth hangers and use them to insert into the vaginae of juniors, their heads slammed on walls, their human dignity spat on. These things happen in Girls’ schools; and this is not fiction. I have THREE women in my life who tell me these stories every other day.

One of them met with one of her evil seniors in church;  senior is now married with children. Senior and husband walked close to her;  Senior had no choice but smile. “Ah! We went to same school,” she told her husband. My friend laughed and said, “Yes. We went to the same school all right, where you told me to put a fork inside excreta to look for something that wasn’t missing. You told me to eat shit.” “Ah! Me?” Feigned the bitch. “Yes, YOU.” My friend looked at her point blank. Senior’s husband was shocked. “You what?!”

Yes. That is the puuuurfect world of all-women. How anybody with a brain the size of a bean seed cannot see how ridiculous the trend of misandry as a tool to fight misogyny is beyond me. We are all capable of evil. Not one gender. Abuse has nothing to do with gender. Opportunity is all a human being needs to either be good or bad. And please don’t tell me secondary school doesn’t count. It does! Many women’s lives were ruined in school by other women. Teenagers are not toddlers; they know what they are doing. And this is why when a junior becomes a senior, SHE DOES EXACTLY THE SAME DAMN THING TO FRESH JUNIORS.

Think! Patriarchy is a problem, yes. Feminism is cool and shit, yes. BUT the bigger problem of society is KYRIARCHY! I said this in 2016, I am repeating it again. Opportunity is all a human being (of any gender) needs to be a monster or an angel. So while you want to rid the world of men… think of a world where you’d have to live with senior women versus junior women. A world of torment, shame, abuse, damage and pain. The juniors who were scarred for life by seniors in all-girls schools weren’t abused by teachers. They were ripped of their joy by girls – mere teenager. Girls two years older than them or one class higher than them. .

I heard the story of one of the chairpersons of the popular Women-Business fora, and how poorly she treats her female colleague in the office. She robbed the girl of many opportunities and made sure she was subservient to a point where her ambitions were threatened and her dreams squashed. It wasn’t a man who tried to ruin this young girl; It was a woman who claimed to be running a forum for other women to grow in business; the fact that you people fall for this nonsense still beats me.

I like how women do not want to talk about what they do to domestic helps. I like how we focus on adult women who decide to die in matrimony. You are all mad; and I say this with the pain of one woman who is sick and tired of your pretences. .

This is what the cycle of life looks like: So you are a junior in a school; you were damaged by a senior. You become a senior, you damage a fresh junior. You go to university, your boyfriend beats you up and you cry in bed. You get into the real world and you start to cry about patriarchy and how it damages the woman. But what you fail to consider is your role in damaging other women. You started the cycle, and now you have to live with the consequences of it.

Damaged women nurture damaged sons, whom will marry you and your daughters and beat the hell out of you. Now, if you want to fix this shit, FIX YOURSELF.

Who are you? You are a woman. Fix yourself, woman.

Joy Isi Bewaji


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